Environmental Engineering

The involvement of Mr. Alley with Elrod Engineering in 2013 has added a new dimension to the engineering services that the company is able to offer. A civil engineer with over 20 years in the environmental engineering field, Elrod is now able to offer environmental investigation, assessment and remediation services to our clients. While this experience has historically been focused on the industrial market, and is therefore relatively broad-based, the primary focus has been in the arena of Environmental Assessments, Investigations, and Remediation. From the initial Transaction Screening or Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, through impact delineation and remedial action, including risk assessment, we have the experience to deliver an efficient and value driven approach to your site. As obvious as this sounds, our experience has shown that it needs to be emphasized - above all, the project approach is designed to meet your needs and goals – not ours.

Our experience includes working with individual property owners required to obtain a Phase 1 environmental site assessment as part of a property transaction; to complete investigations and assessments for signature projects sure as the Nashville Arena; to multi-location due diligence projects for corporate acquisitions; to complex organic and inorganic industrial soil and groundwater remediation projects.

Environmental Engineering Projects