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With more than 35 years of experience, trust the experts to help support your identity today!

Sign Engineering

We have all been there. Sometimes you have to prepare a good tight estimate, but you don't yet know some of the structural details which will significantly impact your estimate. A preliminary design sure would be nice. You intuitively know what will work, but you need that engineered drawing. Other times you have to bid on the project before you can do the design. And now that you have won the project, you have to have the engineered design.

Take a look at our project history:

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architectural elements - awnings - canopies -signs

We can help. Elrod Engineering is the engineering behind many successful structures, letters, and cabinets that identify today's modern businesses. Having supported the sign industry since 1983, we have a reputation for designing value, quality, safety, and integrity into our products- your signs.

Whether you need a wall sign, monument sign, pylon, or a 150' high-rise multi-stage, multi-tenant sign, we can provide the quality design that supports what you need. And if you need a complete design, or just want to check with someone as part of your bid process in order to get a preliminary design so that you can prepare your budget estimate,
we can take care of you.

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