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Playhouse Square
Cleveland, OH

Retro Roof Sign, Chandelier, Archways

As part of the 90th anniversary, Elrod provided design services for the retro roof sign, the chandelier, marquee blade sign, electronic kiosk signage, and the archways for the renovation project. When the Palace Theatre (now Connor Palace) opened in 1922, the “stick-built” sign on top of the Keith Building was the largest electrical sign in the world.

Playhouse Square

The retro sign in particular is a nod to the 1920s-era roots for the theater district, evoking the feel of the Keith Building sign. Rising to a height of 44 feet, the retro sign features 9-foot tall letters and 3-inch LED bulbs. Spanning the Cowell and Hubbard and Woolworth buildings near East 13th Street and Euclid Avenue, the retro sign casts its glow over U.S. Bank Plaza.

Project Designer: Design Communication LTD, Boston, MA

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