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Bill Lamb, P.E.

Engineering Manager

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Bill Lamb is a civil engineer with more than 30 years of experience related to structures for a wide variety of uses made from an array of materials. He has demonstrated competency in the analysis and design of structures and elements made of concrete, masonry, hot-rolled steel, cold-formed steel, solid-sawn wood, engineered wood, aluminum, and fiber-reinforced plastic. Lamb focuses on the design of structures for architects, owners, and contractors as a part of their development plans. He is experienced in the investigation and evaluation of existing structures that have been damaged by tornadoes, fire, vehicles, and floods. For existing structures that exhibit objectionable visual or physical anomalies, Lamb is qualified to perform structural forensic investigations to determine the causes and to provide remedial recommendations.


Where needed, he also can serve in the capacity of an expert witness in litigation. He oversees all structural engineering-related activities engaged by the firm and supervises the activities of Elrod’s technical staff. For many projects, he also serves as the project manager where he is responsible for proposals, budgets, and schedules. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in 47 states. When not performing his work duties, you will most likely find him deep in the wilderness or on top of a mountain in pursuit of his love for the great outdoors and hiking.


 B.S. Civil Engineering - Tennessee Technological University ​(1980s)

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