Industrial Plating Company

Assessment and remediation of a hexavalent chrome contaminated groundwater plume located within off-site fractured bedrock. Remediation services included both active (automatic) and manual groundwater extraction. Responsibilities also involved oversight of environmental remediation from plant fire and chromic acid releases.

Mr. Alley was involved with the groundwater investigation, the investigation of soil contamination, the 1995 clean-up of a chromic acid spill, the clean-up associated with a fire that destroyed the facility in April 1996, and the groundwater remediation project. The site has been undergoing groundwater remediation since March 1997.   The initial groundwater extraction system consisted of three wells with dedicated submersible pumps. Three additional extraction wells were installed in 1999. The system was subsequently modified to accommodate the extraction of additional groundwater and on-site treatment with zero-valent iron.

Mr. Alley was retained by Industrial Plating Company to oversee and conduct the clean-up resulting from a fire that destroyed their facility in 1996. The fire resulted in the release of chrome contaminated firewater and storm water to the environment. During the cleanup, approximately 250,000 gallons of potentially impacted firewater and storm water were collected and treated, contaminated soil was excavated for disposal, chrome plating solution was disposed of, and the contaminated debris and rubble from the building were disposed.

Location: Chattanooga, TN