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March 3, 2015
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March 3, 2015
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Doane Pet Care

Investigation, Design and Oversight of voluntary remediation project for volatile and metals impacted soils/groundwater. Multi-phase Investigation and RBCA (modified Tier II) Analysis to achieve “monitoring only” status. This work was performed as part of the Voluntary Remediation Agreement, as specified in the NYSDEC approved Remediation Work Plan for the site.

Groundwater samples were collected during four semi-annual groundwater monitoring events from the thirteen monitoring wells at the site. During the first and second semi-annual events, groundwater samples were collected using disposable bailers. During the third and fourth semi-annual events, groundwater samples were collected utilizing “low flow” sampling techniques. None of the tested compounds were observed at concentrations greater than the NY State MCLs (Maximum Contaminant Levels).

Based upon the results of the four semi-annual groundwater monitoring events, the fulfillment of the Remediation Work Plan proposed for the site and accepted by NYSDEC, and the risk assessment conducted for the site Doane Pet Care was issued a “No Further Action” letter for the Hillburn facility.

Location: Hillburn, NY