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Providing the high quality design you expect, the cost effective pricing that you need, and the individual attention that you remember.

We are the engineering and program management behind many successful structures, letters and cabinets that identify today’s modern businesses. We support your identity.

Elrod Engineering LLC was originally established as Elrod & Company in 1983 by Ron Elrod, P.E. as a sole proprietorship providing professional engineering services for a range of structural projects, including commercial signs. In time, one partner, Richard F. Glascock II P.E., purchased the ownership share from the other and the company became Elrod & Company, LLC, once again a sole proprietorship, on July 1, 2001.

Glascock loved his business like a father, and treated his employees as if they were family. His honesty, diligence and generosity became the soul of the company. Following his untimely death in 2011, the employees dedicated themselves to keeping Elrod & Company, LLC running and growing in Glascock’s memory. Rob Alley purchased the assets of the company in 2013, and renamed the new entity Elrod Engineering LLC, paying tribute to the rich history and legacy of the company, as well as signaling a new phase in the history of Elrod.

Today, as the company moves eagerly into a new and exciting phase, Elrod has added general structural engineering to its expertise – but it will always be a primary mission to provide the sign industry with conscientious design and specifications effectively established for the benefit and safety of the public. Welcome to the next generation of Elrod Engineering – We Support Your Identity!

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